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Welcome back to Coventry Arts Net. We hope you enjoy the new website, there will be further changes down the road. Feel free to enjoy our new calendar feature, which you can follow through google calendars or just browse at your will. Also I will be joined by two new regular contributors, hopefully starting in two weeks time. But for now, enjoy the next two weeks what’s on.

There is a fantastic selection of arts in Coventry, far better than people give the city credit for. We have two galleries, several smaller ones as well as a productive and lively arts school. However, if you are willing to travel, there are some excellent galleries further afield in Warwickshire. With this in mind I have been taking a closer look at Warwickshire galleries; specifically at the Leamington Pump Rooms and Compton Verney, both of whom are celebrating anniversaries this year.

Currently Compton Verney is housing the highly recommended exhibition ‘Moore Rodin’ (15th Feb – 31st Aug), both in their exhibition spaces and the Capability Brown gardens. The exhibition is part of their 10th anniversary celebrations.  Two giants of modernist sculpture stand alongside each other, giving the viewer a never seen before chance to compare. A ground breaking international exhibition, the unique location of the gallery give you a chance to see the works both in gallery spaces as well as in the open air of Compton’s gardens. If you can get there I think it will be well worth the travel, as it is a genuinely once in a life time experience.

Another spectacular Georgian building, the Leamington Pump Rooms, is celebrating its 200th anniversary with an exhibition about the much celebrated building itself. ‘A First Class Watering Place: 200 Years of the Royal Pump Rooms’ (3rd May – 31st Aug) is not solely an art exhibition. Objects from across the Art Gallery & Museum collections will be used to illustrate what life was like in Royal Leamington Spa in 1814, when the building first opened its doors. This includes objects from the museums medical collection, linking it with the buildings origin as a spa endorsing the medical benefits of taking the waters.

If you don’t fancy travelling there is plenty of art to keep you interested here in Coventry. The Jeremy Deller curated ‘All That is Solid Melts into Air’ continues at the Warwick Art Centre’s Mead Gallery free of charge. Make sure you get over to see that one before it closes on 21st June. If you fancy keeping it really local, opening on the 7th is the Herbert’s bi-annual art competition The Coventry Open. Artists from Coventry and around the midlands enter artwork into the competition. From this small selection is chosen by a panel of Judges to be exhibited in Herbert’s gallery 4. Most of the pieces are for sale, making the Open an uncommon opportunity to buy a piece of fine art at a reasonable price.

2nd June – 16th June WHAT’S ON

3rd June Fellows auctioneers’ valuation day (THE HERBERT ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM)
6th June ENDS Photography degree show (LANCHESTER GALLERY)
7th June Open Forum 2014 (ARTSPACE)
7th June – July 13th Coventry Open exhibition (THE HERBERT ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM)
12th June Ensemble 1685 choir (THE HERBERT ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM)
14th June Curators tour from the Mead curators (MEAD GALLERY)


8th June Jaguar Enthusiasts Club – Notts & Borders Region (TRANSPORT MUSEUM)
6th June Peace through Unity Event (COVENTRY CATHEDRAL)
14th June – 15th June Lunt roman festival (LUNT FORT)
14th June Weavers house open day (WEAVER HOUSE)


2nd June NT Live: King Lear (WARWICK ARTS)
4th June – 7th June FAME the musical (BELGRADE THEATRE)
11th June – 14th June Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord ‘The Valley of Astonishment’ (WARWICK ARTS)
18th June RSC Live: Henry IV Part II (WARWICK ARTS)

10th June – 14th June ‘Betrayal’ by Harold Pinter (LOFT)
9th June ‘Inspired by Coventry’ (WHEATSHEAF)

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