Fun with the Final Years – an Evening of Student Theatre

SPECTRUM at the Ellen Terry building, Coventry.

Both of the universities in Coventry bring so much into the city. Not only do they bring in cold hard cash and job opportunities but also a vibrant youth culture and a social group that is determined to try new things and push artistic boundaries. SPECTRUM take the place of Coventry University Performing Arts degree’s final show. It acts as a taster session and advertising opportunity for all of the university’s final students final performances pieces, giving everyone a chance to showcase their abilities. The pieces themselves can be music, dance, theatre or any combination of performance styles. The bulk of the evening was taken up with these performance tasters. In one of the larger upstairs spaces, along with a bar, is a fair advertising performances in the coming weeks. Each table is devoted to one performance, has a selection of the performers to talk to as well as flyers and generally some kind of snack.

I spent most of my time in this room chatting to the students, sampling their tasty treats and collecting leaflets. Because of this I missed some of the taster sessions, distracted by the fair. The majority of the attendees were lead from performance to performance by a troupe of roaming comic actors, interspersing each piece with what to me felt like modern commedia dell’atre improvised sketches. Lead by an arched eyebrowed, moustachioed figure (the height of irony) this collection of face painted modern archetypes cavorted in ironic performance.These vignettes were highly enjoyable, especially the music. The leader reminded me somewhat of the Penny Dreadfuls.

photo 2

its all in the brows

I attended a dance piece, a short 20 minute taste of presumably a larger piece. It was one of the best student dance pieces I’ve seen. Simple and earthy it let the dance and the use by the dancers of the body be the main focus of the performance. As a relative dance new comer I appreciated that.

The evening could be better organised, navigating the Ellen Terry building to find performances can be difficult for someone not familiar with the university. However I enjoyed my time there and the evening was well attended. The performances continue through out May in a variety of locations, please see below for a program of events. I have tried to detail as many performances as I could, if I have missed one please tell me. I’d recommend attending at lease a few, go encourage the creatives of the future. You might just be surprised.

Everything from the flyers I managed to pick up:

Sat 3rd 7:30 (Shop Front Theatre), Wed 7th May 7:30 (Ellen Terry Building)

THE AUTHORISED KATE BANE by Ella Hickson – Perspective Theatre.

Thurs 8th May 7:30 (Ellen Terry Building)

PUNK ROCK by Simon Stephens – Exposure Theatre

Friday 9th May (7:30 Ellen Terry Building)

LOST & CURIOUS an adaptation of ‘Peter and Alice’ – Carpe Librarian

Mon 12th May 7:30 (Ellen Terry Building)

WOLVES IN THE WALLS an adaptation of the Neil Gaiman book – Milk and Two Sugars

Wed 14th May 6:00 (Ellen Terry Building)

I IMAGINE THIS an explorative solo dance piece by Kirsty Butler

Wed 14th May (Square One)

ECHT ‘Bring it to the Table’ 4 seperate dance performances

Thurs 15th May (Ellen Terry Building)

THE BEEKEEPER an original black comedy – Black Umbrella Theatre

Fri 16th – Sat 17th May 16:30- 17:30 (The Vallows House)

GOD OF CARNAGE by Yasmina Reza – Synergy Theatre Please ask for direction when booking

Tue 20th May 5-7:00 (The Herbert Art Gallery)

  THE ORDER OF DISORDER – Effectus Dance

Fri 23rd 7:30 (Ellen Terry Building) Sun 25th 7:30 (Crescent Theatre)

THE WASPS by Aristophanes – Ludus Theatre

Mon 26th – Tue 27th May (Abby Theatre)

WHAT THE BUTLER SAW by Joe Orton – Espinal Theatre

Wed 28th May ((Ellen Terry Building)

BUG by Tracy Letts – Stage and Canvas


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