As is usually the case with these columns, we begin with “The Tin at the Nursery Tavern”. Elaine Tierney presented her usual eclectic mix of acts.  kicking off proceedings was local folk singer and one third of local a capella group “Thrup’nny Bits” Des Patalong.  Before he performs each number, there is usually the obligatory history lesson before each number and the songs themselves vary hugely in topic and range from a song about a long distance runner and one about glorious ale.  His bandmates Mr and Mrs Wyatt were also in the audience and provided a bit of impromptu accompaniment as well.  A very jolly affair indeed.

Next on the bill were “Jon and Jon”.  It does exactly what it says on the tin really.  They were two blokes called Jon both playing rhythm guitar and gave us a really excellent set of country blues numbers, some their own and some covers.  To start with they both sang the same part but became much more interesting once they started singing harmonies.  The set highlights for me were the self-penned (as far as I’m aware) “Mugabe Blues” and their take on “Train Kept a Rollin.”

Following on from them we were treated to the sensitive acoustic balladeer and regular host of the open mic nightsat Tin Music Arts. His set was as lovely as ever and featured, as coincidence would have it, the other regular hosts of said open mic nights David Butler (aka “He is a Pegasus”) on a spontaneous harmonies. 

Topping the bill that evening were “Malarkie”. These are athree piece band featuring a rhythm guitarist and lead singer, a fiddle player and a percussionist.  Again it was a very pleasant folkie sort of set and I admire any band that manages to rhyme “Peter” with “Fajita” in a song.

Next we have erm well “The Tin at the Tin” and the marvellously haunting and atmospheric music of Jordan Hunt.  There was a percussionist, two keyboard players (including Hunt himself) as well as some lovely pre-recorded accompaniment.  If the music reminded me of anybody, I’d say across between say Sigur Ros, Ron Geesin, Vijay Kishore and maybe a touch of Peter Broderick, whom you can see at The Tin in the coming months. 

Finally for this installment we come on the to the frenzied cello playing of one Laura Moody.  Whilst her stuff could be described as highly idiosyncratic, I did detect element of Kate Bush and Joanna Newsom in there.  Intriguingly, she once told us that she shared a pair of trousers with the aforementioned Jordan Hunt. I trust however that they weren’t wearing the same pair simultaneously.

It was a wonderful set.  I mean, one has to like anybody that introduces their next number by saying “I think it’s time to remove the protective gaffer tape and lighten the mood ever so slightly.”  Moody went on to perform a wonderful version of Nick Drake’s “Cello Song” (somewhat unsurprisingly), an Aria by Bach, a number called “Creeping Alopecia” about teenage women involved with older men, along with quite a bit screeching and yodeling too!!  You just don’t get that in the work of Justin Beiber do you?

I’ll sign off by giving an honorary mention to the mighty Charles Dexter Ward and the Imagineers who had their album launch at The Tin on Easter Sunday.  Alas, I was busy elsewhere so I couldn’t attend but I’m reliably informed it was an absolute triumph. They and the other band on the bill “Resurrection Men” play frequently in the Coventry area so do catch both if you can.

Next month, Tom Brosseau, Dog Tielli and countless others…


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