Young Godiva – Kids at a Festival.

Godiva Festival at Coventry’s Memorial Park

Having recently adopted two young children, this year’s visit to the Godiva Festival was significantly different to the beer indulgent sessions of previous years.

We only visited on the Saturday, as Friday started too late for the smaller ones and we had a previous engagement on the Sunday. It had been a bit rainy that morning and the night before, but by the time we got there it had perked up and we could take full advantage of the mainly outdoor festival.

Although I’m not sure that we did. My main gripe would be that to get information on the schedule of performances on the three stages, you had to enter the security ring (a trek round the park then through security gates checking for alcohol). Only once you were inside were there were huge banners with the running order, so you could find out when and where the performances were that you wanted to see.

I didn’t see any such banners in the family field. Therefore we didn’t bother to take the children through the rigmarole of security and into the performance stage area, as we had no idea if what was on would be their kind of thing. I tried the website from my phone but was sadly lacking in 3G and the Godiva wifi that popped up was inaccessible. There were also no flyers that we could find, so we came away feeling that we probably missed out on something, just not quite sure what.

Having said that, the kids had a fantastic time in the family field. We indulged in the pricey fairground rides (between £2 and £2.50 a go), but there were plenty of free things to see and do. Ours particularly enjoyed seeing the farm animals (they got to stroke a bunny) and contributing to the make-it-yourself marble run. There were also arts and craft and parachute singing games. There were also stalls with free goodies such as pens, balloons and rucksacks. The food was predictably expensive (especially when your boy drops not one, but two £5 hot dogs) and had limited choice in the family field.

Overall I was perfectly happy to take my family; the place felt safe and controlled with lots of other families there. The atmosphere was relaxed, friendly and welcoming, which remained into the evening, as I popped back later to relive my youth with the Happy Mondays.

Next year I’ll remember to print off a schedule for reference and take a picnic.


By Gennie Holmes

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